Banner Upgrade


A new look and feel is coming to KSU's student information system, Banner- Internet Native Banner (INB or Banner 8). Effective July 22, the current Banner system will be upgraded campus-wide to a new version, Banner 9- Administrative Pages.

Ellucian, the software vendor for Banner, has replaced the current, form-based platform with a modern, web-based platform. As a result, KSU, along with every other Banner institution, is transitioning to the new Banner 9 Administrative Pages system.

Beginning in Spring 2018, staff from the core Enrollment Services offices, Graduate Admissions, and the Bursar Office, began collaborating with UITS as part of the Banner 9 Upgrade project. Technical and functional testing is almost to completion.

When Banner 9 Administrative Pages is implemented in July, users can expect:

  • An easy-to-use navigation menu with the same hierarchical structure that exists in the current Banner 8 system.
  • A new web page format that can be accessed using the Banner form names already familiar to current users.
  • Enhance navigation

Banner works as an interface that makes it easier to retrieve and add data that is stored. In the Banner 9 Administrative Pages all of the data, processes, and form names from the current Banner system (Banner 8 INB) remain the same.


Technology is ever-evolving. Improving technology not only leads to a more sustainable, healthy system, it leads the way for more capabilities and better experiences overall.

Another consideration for this move is Banner Administrative Forms Technology will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2018. The loss of this support for INB forms will make any future upgrades extremely time-consuming.

Good News!

Application Navigator, which is new with Banner 9, is a tool that will allow access to both the current Banner 8 forms and Banner 9 pages. This means that for a set time period you will be able to continue working with your Banner 8 forms while learning the Banner 9 Page navigation. However, we are requesting that all Enrollment Services Offices stop utilizing Banner 8 forms by October 1, 2018.

Timeline for Banner 9 Implementation