Hello, I’m Scrappy the Chatbot!

As you may know, messaging students over the mobile has become one of the most effective ways to foster productive conversations throughout the college enrollment process.  

 As a result, Kennesaw State University has partnered with AdmitHub to better serve the communication expectations of students.   Scrappy Chat

Here is what you can expect: 
Guide you through the admissions and enrollment process. 
Provide a 24/7 one-stop support for your questions. 
A fun and casual way to engage with KSU. 
We’ve also provided some answers to frequently asked questions. 

What is Scrappy? 
Scrappy is a A.I. powered texting chatbot meant to help students through their admissions journey. You can ask Scrappy anything and receive a reply.  
Who will receive text messages? 
Only students who granted permission when inquiring or applying to KSU will receive messages.  You can elect to pause and unsubscribe from messages. Note: Pausing and unsubscribing may prevent you from receiving important information. 
Why has KSU decided to send text messages to students? 
Research indicates that texting students is one of the best methods of communication.  While email and direct mail are useful, texting allows important information to get to you immediately.  We are also committed to your success through the enrollment process.  
When will Scrappy launch? 
The admissions chatbot will launch in June 2019 and the enrollment chatbot has a projected launch date in August 2019. 
How many messages can I expect to receive? 
The last thing we want to do is bombard you with text messages. Our current plans involve sending no more than 1-3 messages per week.  There may be periods of time where we don’t send any messages.  However, you are free to text your questions at any time! 
Will I be charged? 
Similar to any text message you receive, standard rates apply as indicated by your mobile phone provider/plan.   
What type of messages will I receive? 
They will consist of important reminders such as actions required on your part or upcoming deadlines. We also have fun opportunities for trivia, surveys, and possible contests! 
How can I update my mobile number? 
You can update your information in Owl Express.  
Who can I contact if I have additional questions? 
You can email admithub@kennesaw.edu with any questions.