The Enrollment Services Division is a collaborative unit comprising the Offices of Undergraduate and International Admissions, Office of the Registrar and the Office of Student Financial Aid.

We strive to:

  • Serve as the university’s cornerstone for utilizing all available resources to strategically attract, enroll and maintain qualified, optimal enrollment. Additionally we serve as the guidepost to other offices regarding enrollment management initiatives.
  • Provide the necessary enrollment tools which support student access and educational success as it relates to proper matriculation, financial assistance, confidentiality, archives and related services.
  • Deliver excellent customer service to prospective students,  current students, alumni and faculty as well as other audiences which may need our services.
  • Promote and contribute to the university’s vision of a global (education) community by attracting academically eligible students, establishing and fostering a supportive enrollment environment throughout a student’s academic lifecycle.

It is recognized as the university flourishes that the Enrollment Services Division must remain competitive, exercise flexibility and expand as necessary in order to fulfill its role and enhance the means that support this mission.

All services will be administered in good faith to comply with federal/state laws, University and Board of Regents policies.